Mandy asks…

My wife is angry at me about her emotional affair?

We’ve been married for five years. She had accused me in the past of being too close to certain co-workers, mostly when I was in my early 20s before we were married. She has not complained lately. But recently it has come out that she had an emotional affair with a guy she worked with for two years at a former job (we moved towns over the summer). She first denied his existence, then admitted he existed and was just a friend. Then she admitted that he was attracted to her but not the reverse. Finally over the weekend she admitted that he was her confidant and that the attraction was mutual and very flirtatious, but that nothing physical had happened. She felt that I had neglected her emotionally and was angry too often so she became involved with him. She argues though that my past was no different (though I never confided with them) and she is angry at me generally. She also was mad when I said that I accepted responsibility and that I understood why she confided in him. Why is she so angry at me? How do I handle this so that she does not have another emotional affair or worse?

Emotional Affair Signs answers:

Be her husband, be there for her. Be her best friend. I think sometimes it is more life’s roller coaster that is the culprit of marital woes. Life is in my opinion very fast paced, and full of a bunch of BS that totally steals away the center core of what matters most. And materialism is at center stage as to why this happens. When really if you get to the basics you see what matters most.

At the end of the day, it is our loved ones that matter most. Reconnect with her and hold on to that love you had and still do but just need to find.

And don’t compare yourself to her, “it is not a fair comparison at all”. Men are just not as emotional as us women. So we crave it far more. Her friend was able to give that, like you too did at once right? It is not something she just ran out and searched for. And after all it is you she is with.

Mary asks…

My wife had an emotional affair, now were trying to work it out, why does she dig for dirt on me now?

My wife had an emotional affair with her X busband last summer. He had gotten remarried and could not let her go. He would talk for hours and hours, and when I discovered this, lies and secrecy were instilled to hide it. Im talking phone cards and there was even a fight about a trac phone bought. Then after this was over, came another emotional affair on Myspace with an x boyfriend. It was vicariously relayed through text, messaging, and phone calls with her nest friend at the time. After seeing this we seperated for a couple months. During that time I had called an X girlfriend whom I did NOTHING with, nor even led on that I wanted to with her. I realize it wasnt right that I called her, because two wrong dont make a right. I have also forgiven her for these past emotional involvements. We have moved on and are having resentment, but WHY does she constantly dig for dirt on me like she has to watch her back. She discovered I talked with X and declared SHES DONE. I barely talked with X!

Emotional Affair Signs answers:

Some one is being extremely immature here – and I don’t think it’s you. You’re wife’s behaviour goes beyond what a marriage should be.
She is having guilt about her ‘problems’ and taking it out on you. She is also jumping on your call to that X gf to help herself rationalize (justify) what she did. Eventually , if you can wait, she’ll be able to get past what she did to you. But, after a sensible amount of time has passed, if she still can’t accept your forgiveness and move forward with you, then maybe you should go ahead without her.

Daniel asks…

What are the signs of a cheating husband? Can he be cheating at work? ?

Can he be having an emotional affair? His attention to me has dropped tremendously…he has said jokingly that he is going to trade me in..? We argue alot about stupid stuff…he comes home with scratches on his neck and gets mad when I ask what happened..What should I think?

Emotional Affair Signs answers:

Some signs…

His regular schedule has changed.
His grooming habits have changed.
He may be more aware of taking care of his body/working out.
Check his cell phone call logs.
Check credit card bills for unexplained charges.
Does he all of the sudden bring you flowers or gifts, when he didn’t before?


Sandy asks…

Should I talk to my ex-wife when she got pregnant with someone elses kid while we were married?

My ex-wife had an emotional affair at work for the last few months of our marriage. I didn’t find out until she told me that she was pregnant with his kid and that it was “above us and beyond our control” as a reason she was leaving me. Then filed for divorce within two days.

Months later she had called me a few times to tell me how great her life is with him and how much happier she is with him then she was with me.

Then she called months after that and told me that she was living back at home and that the “destiny guy” was a bad relationship and they broke up. (by the way she had an abortion with the twin girls, so she could run a marathon or something, which she never did)

Then two weeks after that she calls and tells me that she got back together with that guy. I asked her why that would concern me and she said “it will when she gets married to him”

Now six weeks after that she is trying to talk to me like we are friends and telling me she is moving in with him.
Thank you all for your answers

We do not have any kids but she is paying me a couple small payments for three more months then everything from the divorce is finished.

Emotional Affair Signs answers:

What a horrible person your ex-wife is.
You should be so glad she’s not your wife anymore. And block her phone number in your phones. Don’t receive any type of communication from her.
Get her out of your life completely.

John asks…

How do I get over my husband emotional affair?

My husband had an emotional affair with a woman at work and we are trying to work out our marriage. How can I get over the fact that he betrayed me? I want this to work but I want to trust him again. It hurts that he still works with her.

Emotional Affair Signs answers:

You don’t work it out. You leave… If it happened once it will happen again and you will hate yourself for the way you act/feel if you stay with him. I watched my mom put up with other women for her entire marriage to my dad. She finally had enough and is now happily married to another man who treats her with the love and respect that she deserves. Emotional, Physical, whatever… Affairs are wrong and should not be tolerated.

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